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The Ombudsman Program is an official Navy family readiness program designed to enhance mission readiness and resiliency and establish a sense of community. The Fleet and Family Support Center San Diego provides family support services, information/referral, and support to the NRSW Ombudsman Program.



Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT): OBT is a mandatory 17.5 hour course that provides ombudsmen with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to be successful in their volunteer role. OBT is offered in several formats – the traditional classroom version is referred to as OBT and is hosted in-person at FFSC San Diego. The online version, eOBT, is a blend of five live webinars and four on-demand modules. Both options fulfill the training requirements outlined in the Navy Family Ombudsman Program instruction, OPNAVINST 1750.1G CH-2. Ombudsmen must repeat OBT/eOBT every three years or if more than 18 months have passed between command appointments. See below for registration information.

Advanced Trainings: Ombudsman must also take regular advanced trainings offered at FFSC San Diego or online, such as the monthly Ombudsman Hot Topic (OHT) webinars offered by Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC). OHTs are recorded and can be accessed on the self-paced tab of the CNIC Learning Management Systems (LMS) at

Ombudsman Assembly: Ombudsmen are required to represent their command at local Ombudsman Assembly meetings. Local Assembly meetings are hosted virtually by Commander, Navy Region Southwest. Command Support Team members (to include CO, XO, CMC, command leadership spouses, and chaplains) are welcome and encouraged to attend.

NRSW Ombudsman Assembly is a quarterly meeting of all command Ombudsmen in the region. The Ombudsman Assembly is an important component of the Ombudsman Program because it provides opportunities for sharing and exchanging information, resources, best practices, and as a forum for policy discussion and clarification by appropriate local authorities regarding issues of interest to Ombudsmen and command family members. Ombudsman Assemblies also frequently serve as an opportunity for the professional development of local Ombudsmen by providing topical training. Contact your Ombudsman Coordinator for the schedule and more information.

Ombudsman On-Demand Orientation: This is a 60-minute, online overview of the Ombudsman Program that highlights the key points of Ombudsman Basic Training. This course is designed for those personnel who want to learn more about the program without taking the full training.

Registration: Please register for training by emailing the Ombudsman Coordinator at or calling 619-556-7230. Reminder: Children are not allowed to attend training sessions, therefore we ask that you plan accordingly for your childcare needs.



The Ombudsman Code of Ethics is the essential foundation upon which an ombudsman’s credibility is

established and maintained. Ombudsmen must adhere to a strict code of confidentiality to protect the privacy of individuals and maintain the credibility of the Navy Family Ombudsman Program. Confidential information is sensitive information about a Sailor or family member that is kept within the CO’s designated network of those who have a need to know. The Ombudsman Code of Ethics states that ombudsmen must:

  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Support the command’s mission.
  • Work within the chain of command as directed.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professionalism.



Confidentiality does not mean that the ombudsman keeps all information from the CO or those who have a need to know. Issues that the ombudsman must report to the CO and/or Navy and state entities are called “reportable” information.

All Department of Navy (DON) personnel, including ombudsmen, are mandated reporters (with the exceptions of chaplains and attorneys, who have privileged communication). This includes command leadership, child and youth services staff, security personnel, social workers, educators and health care professionals.

OPNAVINST 1750.1G CH-2 requires ombudsmen to report the following situations:

  • All suspected or known child abuse/neglect.
  • Alleged domestic abuse.
  • Suspected or potential homicides, violence or life-endangering situations.
  • All suspected or potential suicidal risks.
  • All alleged sexual assaults.
  • Other issues identified by the CO as reportable.

Allegations of domestic abuse or child abuse must be reported to the CO and the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Family Advocacy Program (FAP). Allegations of sexual assault must be reported to the CO and the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).

Note: The CO/POC may be required to notify FAP or the SARC. Ombudsmen are also required to make these calls, even if it results in a duplication of effort.

COs may instruct ombudsmen to report other situations to them, out of concern for the welfare of the command’s Sailors and families. These issues should include those that affect a Sailor’s ability to do his or her job. These may include:

  • Financial problems.
  • Serious health concerns.
  • Severe marital or family discord.
  • Housing or other installation problems.

The safety and well-being of an individual takes precedence over one’s right to confidentiality. If the ombudsman believes that the life, health or safety of an individual is in imminent danger, the ombudsman is required to report the situation immediately. Ombudsmen should call 911 or base security.


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