ADM. Prout Pool (NBSD)

Swimmers are welcome for lap swimming year-round! Lap swim and aquatics group exercise classes are open to all active duty, reservists, retirees, dependents (ONLY 10 yrs. and up), and DOD civilians with a military I.D. Dependents ages 10 years and up MUST present their military I.D. and pass the Navy Youth Swim Test.

The Navy Youth Swim Test consist of

  • Swim one pool length (min. 25 yards) unassisted and without rest
  • Swimmer must use a recognizable stroke (breastroke or freestyle)
  • Jump into the deep end and return to surface
  • Tread water for a minimum of 60 seconds
  • Exit pool unassisted
No recreational swim!

Upcoming Events

Spin N Swim
August 19
7 am
8 Mile Spin Bike Ride, 600 Meter Swim
Register here:

Centennial Strokes, Spokes, and Strides
September 21
7 am
500 meter swim, 8 mile spin bike ride, 1.5 mile run/ walk

Aquatics Class Schedule

Adult Swim Lessons 
Sat: 10 am-11 am
Adult learn to swim lessons. All beginning levels welcome!

2nd Class Swim Prep
Mon: 4 pm - 5 pm 
Prepare for your 2nd class swim qualification. All levels are welcome! 

Adult Swim Lessons 
Fri: 12 pm - 1 pm
Adult learn to swim lessons. All beginning levels welcome!

Water Aerobics 
Tue/Thu: 9 am - 10 am
Low impact HIIT workouts for all skill levels!

Combat Side Stroke
Wed: 5 pm - 6 pm
Learn combat side stroke and efficient treading techniques with and without fins