Unaccompanied Housing (NBSD)

Welcome to NBSD Unaccompanied Housing!

NBSD Unaccompanied Housing is designed to provide housing for shore-based junior single sailors from E1-E-4 as well as shipboard servicemembers from E1-E4 under the Homeport Ashore Program (HPA). The HPA is a quality of life improving initiative to provide quarters ashore for Sailors who would otherwise be required to live aboard the ship. Pacific Beacon and Palmer Hall are also available under the Public-Private Venture (PPV) program, a housing program that allows single E1-E4 Sailors to reside in privatized housing and receive a higher rate of partial BAH equal to their rent. PPV facilities have minimum lease requirements; Pacific Beacon and Palmer Hall require a minimum of a 12-month lease. 

Permanent Party

UH is conveniently located on Naval Base San Diego Dry side, housing approximately 1749 personnel in 4 buildings. Building 3663, Regelin Hall, serves as the check-in point and can be reached at 619-556-1077. Naval Base San Diego also manages NMRTC located at 34800 Bob Wilson Dr, San Diego 92134. Front Desk is located in Bldg 26 and can be reached at 619-532-6282 on the 2nd floor. 

The UH office is responsible for determining eligibility, processing applications, and making assignments. This office also manages Housing operations, including resident relations, maintenance, and repair coordination. The permanent party barracks are government-owned and located on-base. To apply for government housing and privatized unaccompanied housing, eligible junior single Sailors must submit complete applications to the Navy UH office for referral to UH-PPV; additional information can be found (how to apply). Once referred, the privatized housing management company manages all resident matters, including leasing and maintenance. For more information on UH PPV facilities at Pacific Beacon, visit Pacific Beacon's Website.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are senior personnel who provide an after-hours leadership presence in UH residents. For more information about the RA program, please see RA brochure.

Have a maintenance request?

Download and complete the UH Maintenance Request Form. When complete, please email it directly to: nbsd_uh_trouble_tickets@us.navy.mil