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FFSC Class Scedule Oct-Dec 2022

If you are interested in attending one of these classes, please call our Centralized Scheduling Center at 866-923-6478.

Legend: (V) Virtual (IP) In Person (NBSD) Naval Base San Diego (NBPL) Naval Base Point Loma (NBC) Naval Base Coronado (KMB) Kearny Mesa Branch (GVB) Gateway Village Branch (VSM) Village at Serra Mesa Branch (BVH) Bayview Hills Branch

(Branch locations are located at the bottom of the menu.)

Subject matter and class details can be found in the menu below. 


Career Services


Finding Federal Employment

Get the latest information and resources to navigate the federal employment process. Learn tips from the experts on how to create the perfect federal employment resume.

  • Tuesday, October 4 | 1300-1500 | GVB (IP)
  • Wednesday, October 5 | 0900-1100| NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, October 5| 1300-1430 | NBC (IP)
  • Friday, October 21| 0900-1030 | KMB (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 2 | 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 2 | 0930-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Monday, November 7 | 0900-1100 | VSM (IP)
  • Friday, November 18| 0900-1030 | KMB (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 14 | 0930-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Friday, December 16| 0900-1030 | KMB (IP)


Do you need assistance completing your TAP Capstone and are looking for a warm handoff for resources and information? Come to receive a briefing on your Final Move process and Tricare benefits at our monthly Capstone events located at our Kearny Mesa Branch, 3950 Calle Fortunada, San Diego, CA 92123.

  • Thursday, October 13 | 0800-1130 | KMB (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9 | 0800-1130 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday, December 8 | 0800-1130 | KMB (IP)



Finally, a LinkedIn workshop for everyone! Service members, retirees, and their families can learn how to use the LinkedIn site to build a profile, find employment opportunities, and grow their network.

  • Tuesday, November 15 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 29 | 0900-1030 | GVB (IP)

Job Search Strategies

Are you a military family member new to San Diego and looking to get back into the job market? Would you like to learn how to find, federal, state, county or local jobs?

  • Wednesday, October 12 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 25 | 1300-1430 | GVB (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 8 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Monday, November 28 | 1300-1430 | VSM (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 14 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)

Resume Writing

Make sure your resume stands out! Get the latest tips and techniques to wow employers with an organized, effective and winning resume.

  • Monday, October 3 | 0900-1100 | VSM (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 11 | 0900-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, October 19 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Monday, October 24 | 1000-1130 | (V)
  • Wednesday, November 2 | 0900-1100 | NBPL (IP)
  • Friday, November 4 | 0900-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Monday, November 14 | 0900-1030 | KMB (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 16 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, December 1 | 0900-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 6 | 1300-1500 | GVB (IP)
  • Monday, December 12 | 1000-1130 | (V)
  • Wednesday, December 21 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)

Insights to Starting a Home-Based Business

Get time-tested resources, information, advice, and proven techniques for starting your home-based business directly from organizations and agencies focused on your success!

  • Wednesday, October 19 | 1230-1600 | KMB (IP)


Spouse Employment, Empowerment and Development

Are you a military spouse looking for work in San Diego? Attend this workshop and gain insights about the San Diego job market, as well as educational benefits, networking, resume writing and more.

  • Tuesday, October 4 | 1130-1300 | BVH (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 11 | 1130-1300 | BVH (IP)
  • Wednesday, October 19 | 1030-1200 | (V)
  • Friday, October 21 | 1030-1200 | KMB (IP)
  • Monday, October 31 | 0900-1030 | VSM (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 8 | 1000-1130 | BVH (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 15 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 15 | 1000-1130 | BVH (IP)
  • Friday, November 18 | 1030-1200 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 6 | 0900-1030 | BVH (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 13 | 0900-1030 | BVH (IP)
  • Friday, December 16 | 1030-1200 | KMB (IP)


Why start a Veteran-owned small business? Because Veterans are natural entrepreneurs disciplined and goal-oriented self-starters. This workshop covers important steps related to business ownership as a post-military career. You'll learn fundamental tools & strategies associated with executing plans for launching & growing a small business. Additionally, you'll learn how business ownership might align with personal strengths and life goals.

  • Thursday-Friday, October 6-7 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, October 20-21| 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, October 27-28 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, November 3-4 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, November 17-18 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, December 1-2 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, December 15-16 | 0800-1600 | KMB (IP)


Winning Interview Techniques

Make your dream job a reality! Gain information and resources to develop expert interviewing skills.

  • Wednesday, October 5 | 0900-1030 | NBPL (IP)
  • Wednesday, October 26 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, October 27 | 1000-1130 | BVH (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 1 | 0900-1030 | GVB (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 23 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 30 | 1000-1130| NBC (IP)
  • Monday, December 5 | 0900-1030 | VSM (IP)
  • Monday, December 5 | 1000-1130 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 28 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)

Couseling Services

Counseling Services

FFSC provides private and confidential counseling services for individuals, children, couples and families. Counselors are available to help with issues such as:

  • Adjusting to military life
  • Relationship Challenges: divorce, blended family, infidelity, deployment reintegration, new marriage and family
  • Grief and Loss
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Couples Communication
  • Parenting Skills
  • Anger Management
  • ​Other Personal Issues

Call us at 866-923-6478 to schedule an appointment. Often, just knowing an experienced professional is listening to you provides a feeling of great relief. This can lead to productiveproblem solving and effective relationships.

Deployment Support

Family Readiness Group (FRG) Basic Training

This training is customized to fit your FRG, whether the command is starting a group or reenergizing an existing group. Discuss the FRG instruction/policy, leadership structure, communication techniques, team-building ideas, fundraising guidelines, and ideas for fun activities.

  • Wednesday, October 5 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)

Parenting Support

Active Duty Pregnancy Resources

Are you a pregnant active duty service member? Learn about policies and programs related to motherhood, developing your Family Care Plan, the Navy's Pregnancy Instruction, as well as childcare, financial resources and more!


  • Friday, October 14 |0900-1200| KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 18 | 0900-1200| BVH (IP)
  • Friday, November 4 |0900-1200| KMB (IP)
  • Friday, November 18 | 0900-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Friday, December 2 |0900-1200| KMB (IP)

Navigating Childcare Options

Finding reliable and affordable childcare can be an adventurous task for parents. This workshop explores the many childcare options available to military families in
San Diego.


  • Tuesday, October 11 | 0900-1030 | GVB (IP)
  • Monday, November 14 | 1300-1430 | VSM (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 14 | 1300-1430 | NBPL (IP)


Effective Parenting

This multi-session workshop discusses topics affecting today's family, including: consistent and effective discipline, understanding developmental stages, communication with children or young adults, building child self-esteem, and dealing with bullies.

  • Tuesday-Wednesday, October 25-26 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, November 17-18| 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, December 1-2 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)


New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHV)

NPSHVs offer free and confidential individualized home visitations, consultation, and Nurturing Parent education for expectant and new parents. You are eligible for this program if single or married active duty, or an eligible family member. This program is for you if you can access services at a military medical treatment facility, you are expecting your first child, or your family includes a child under the age of four. NPSHVs also provide special support to active duty, expectant mothers to help prepare them for maternity leave and parenthood while active duty. Call 619-556-8809 for more information.


Best Toys for Toddlers

Are you overwhelmed with what toys are best for your child? Small children are at a period in their development when they are becoming increasingly powerful and competent. We will review which toys are safe, developmentally appropriate and supports brain development.

  • Thursday, October 6 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Packing Your bag for the Hospital

If you are wondering what you will need at the hospital when you deliver your baby this class is for you. We will cover what most hospitals will allow you to bring and helpful tips of what to bring for you and your baby.

  • Thursday, October 13 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)



Electronic Media and the Developing Mind

You may be wondering how electronic media effects my child's brain development. We will explore the effects of electronic media on a young child's brain, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for small children and alternatives to electronic media for small children.

  • Thursday, October 20 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Self Care for Parents

Parents these days have many responsibilities. You may feel that you just don't have time to care for yourself. We will discuss ways to help you add self-care to your daily routines.

  • Thursday, October 27 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Morning Madness and Bedtime Battles

Bedtimes can be a struggle for parents and sometimes when we are rushing to get out the door, mornings can be quite chaotic. We will talk about techniques to help your little one transition to bed smoothly and ways to make your morning routine seamless.

  • Thursday, November 3 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister

Congratulations on becoming a parent again! Your small child may be very excited to become a big brother or sister. We will examine how to help prepare your child for the new baby and some behaviors your small child may exhibit once a new baby arrives.

  • Thursday, November 10 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


5 Love Languages of Parents and Children

Just like adults, children have different ways of expressing love and getting their needs met. We will look at what is your child's love language and how to parent a child whose love language is different than your own.

  • Thursday, November 17| 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Parenting Resources in San Diego

We are fortunate to live in San Diego, where there is an abundance of parenting resources. It can be overwhelming to try to sort through each resource to see which one you qualify for. We will simplify the process and help you find the resource that you will need.

  • Thursday, December 1 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


What if My Child Has a Delay?

Having a child with a possible delay can be very concerning for a parent. You may not know where to turn to get your child assessed and receive services. We will walk you through the process of assessment, treatment, resources and support.

  • Thursday, December 8 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Parents Parenting Apart

You may be parenting apart due to deployment, separation/divorce or by choice. Whatever the reason, we will discuss ways to parent as partners no matter the circumstances.

  • Thursday, December 15 | 1600-1700 | KMB (IP)


Toddler Tuesday

Navigating through the toddler years can be stressful and frustrating. Let Toddler Tuesday help! Join us for parent/toddler friendly courses where you will learn about your child's development, gain useful behavior management techniques and engage in fun activities with your toddler.

  • Tuesday, October 4 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 11 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 18 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 25 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 1 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 8 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 15 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 29| 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 6 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 13 | 1000-1100 | KMB (IP)


Special Interests

Building Effective Anger Management Skills (BEAMS)

Develop the resiliency you need to thrive in stressful environments. This workshop explores valuable and proven anger management techniques.

  • Thursday, October 13 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, November 3 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, December 1 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)


Effective Communication

Are you an effective communicator? Learn strategies for communicating better at home and at work.

  • Tuesday, November 8 | 1300-1430 | GVB (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9| 1300-1400 | NBC (IP)
  • Monday, December 12 | 1300-1430 | VSM (IP)


Conflict Resolution

Unmanaged conflict has caused many hardships in the workplace and at home. It can cause people to suffer, missions to fail, and families to separate. Yet, conflict is inevitable. This workshop helps people manage conflict by examining their attitudes and behaviors when faced with conflicting situations. Practicing skills that prevent conflict from escalations, and working with others to solve problems. This allows people to grow, missions to succeed, and families to strengthen.

  • Tuesday, October 25| 1300-1400 | NBC (IP)


Life After the Uniform: The Resilient Spouse

Are you ready for the challenges of life after the military? Whether your spouse is retiring or separating, these tools and resources will help you effectively navigate the process and prepare the whole family for its next adventure.

  • Thursday, October 6 | 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 1000-1130 | NBC (IP)


Mind-Body Mental Fitness (MBMF)

The primary goal of Mind-Body Mental Fitness (MBMF) is to enhance the mind, body, spirit, and social domains in one's life. Participants will learn proactive pathways to achieve mental fitness, find balance within these domains and gain practical skills that can be utilized daily. The aim is to take a thoughtful and proactive approach to addressing the stressors inherent in the military, rather than a reactionary approach.

Module 1: Stress Resilience

  • Thursday, October 6 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 2 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Module 2: Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Friday, October 7 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Module 3: Living Core Values

  • Wednesday, October 5 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, October 13 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 16 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Module 4: Flexibility

  • Wednesday, October 12 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Friday, October 14 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 23 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Module 5: Problem Solving

  • Wednesday, October 19 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, October 27 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 30 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Module 6: Connection

  • Wednesday, October 26 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)
  • Friday, October 28 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)


Resiliency Skills Training

This class focuses on enhancing your resiliency by strengthening you current skills and introducing you to new ones. You will be taught to view and handle stressors differently to help achieve your optimal performance. This 2-hour class is held once a week for three consecutive weeks. Includes a Virtual or In-Person option.


Navy Spouse 101 with Spouse Employment, Empowerment and Development

Learn the basics of Navy life and how to thrive as a military spouse. Are you looking for work in San Diego? Attend this workshop and gain insights about the San Diego job market, as well as educational benefits, networking, resume writing and more.
  • Thursday, November 3 | 0900-1200 | NBSD (IP)


Navy Spouse 101

Learn the basics of Navy life and how to thrive as a military spouse.

  • Monday, October 3 | 1000-1130 | NBC (IP)


Stress Management

Stress management secrets that will change your outlook. Make time to invest in you!

  • Monday, October 3 | 1000-1100 | BVH (IP)
  • Monday, October 17 | 1400-1500 | BVH (IP)
  • Monday, November 7 | 1000-1100 |BVH (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9 | 1300-1430 | NBPL (IP)
  • Monday, November 21 | 1400-1500 | BVH (IP)
  • Monday, December 5 | 1000-1100 | BVH (IP)
  • Monday, December 12 | 1400-1500 | BVH (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 13 | 0900-1030 | GVB (IP)


Time Management

Are you as organized as you want to be? Are you strong at prioritizing? We want to help you get to where you want to be. Learn strategies for managing time effectively as well as understanding the value of prioritizing.

  • Wednesday, October 12 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 1000-1200 | NBC (IP)

Holiday Stress

Stress management secrets that will change your outlook. Make time to invest in you!

  • Tuesday, November 8 | 1000-1130 | NBC (IP)

Responsible Anger Management (RAM)

Identify the root of your anger and learn skills to take control of your anger. Redirect your emotions in positive ways which, ultimately, can help you build more effective strategies for success at work and at home. This is an interactive 2-day workshop.

  • Thursday-Friday, October 27-28| 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, November 17-18 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday-Friday, December 15-16 | 0900-1600 | NBSD (IP)

Love Long Distance

This hands-on workshop for spouses and children has a great purpose: brightening the day of any deployed service member! Learn the art of long distance communication through the use of digital venues and old fashion snail mail.

  • Monday, October 24 | 1300-1430 | VSM (IP)

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR)

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR)

Classes are only for Active Duty Members who are interested in becoming a Command Uniformed Victim Advocate or for those credentialed already. Registration for these courses is required. Please contact your command SARC or the following installation



NBC: contact your command SARC

NBPL and NWS Seal Beach: and

Ombudsman Training

Registration is required for all of the Ombudsman training listed below. Please contact to register.

Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT)

Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT) is the required training for all Navy Ombudsman. It is a standardized multi-day training consisting of nine modules outlined in the Ombudsman Program Manual and OPNAVINST 1750.1G CH-2. Command leadership should register their Ombudsman to attend training by contacting the Ombudsman Coordinator at Command leadership and their spouses are also welcome to attend all or part of the training. Pre-registration is required.

  • Tuesday-Thursday, October 11-13 | 0800-1630 | NBSD (IP)
  • Tuesday-Thursday, November 1-3 | 0800-1630 | NBSD (IP)

Ombudsman Advanced Training

This mandatory training for all appointed Ombudsmen, provides the latest resources and opportunity to network.

  • Wednesday, October 5 | 1800-2000| (V)
  • Wednesday, October 19 | 1000-1200 | NBSD (IP)

Relocation Support

Welcome to San Diego

This course is designed to inform service members and families about the wide range ofresources and activities available in Metro San Diego. It is especially useful for individuals who consider themselves "new" to the area or want a "refresh" regarding what San Diego has to offer.

  • Thursday, October 13 | 1000-1200 (V)
  • Monday, November 7 | 1000-1130 | (V)


Sailors and Families on the Move

Ease the stress of relocation! Learn the processes, policies and resources available for planning a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. Whether you're moving within the Continental Unites States (CONUS) or Overseas (OCONUS), arm yourself with the latest information on your next duty station. Workshop highlights include financial entitlements and secrets to reducing moving stress.

  • Tuesday, October 4 | 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Monday, October 17 | 0900-1100 | VSM (IP)
  • Thursday, November 3 | 1000-1230 | NBC (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 8 | 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 16 | 1300-1500 | NBPL (IP)
  • Thursday, December 8 | 1300-1500 | NBSD (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 20 | 1300-1500 | GVB (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 21 | 0900-1100 | NBPL (IP)


PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) with Kids

PCSing with children can be challenging. It can also be an exciting adventure. Learn some of the tips of the trade for making your next move with the whole family a memorable experience.

  • Tuesday, October 18 | 1300-1400 | GVB (IP)
  • Monday, October 24 | 1300-1430| KMB (IP)
  • Monday, December 12 | 1300-1430| KMB (IP)

Personal Financial Management

Car Buying and Leasing Strategies

If you're thinking of buying or leasing, this workshop can help make your dream car a reality! Develop the knowledge and skills to thoroughly research a purchase or lease. Learn to ask the right questions during the process, and practice negotiation techniques to get a great deal.

  • Wednesday, November 2 | 1400-1530 | NBC (IP)

Financial Planning for Your Retirement Plan

Whether you're a Seaman Recruit or an Admiral, this class is right for you! Estimate your retirement needs and evaluate retirement account options (TSP, IRAs, 401Ks, etc.).

  • Tuesday, October 25 | 1300-1430 | NBPL (IP)

Your Financial Checkup at Promotion Touchpoint

Promotion is a rewarding time in the lives of your Sailors. Help Service Members achieve the most from their pay increases. This workshop provides useful strategies and tips to help Service Members address financial considerations for this Touchpoint.

  • Tuesday, November 1 | 0900-1000| NBPL (IP)

Financial Resources for Higher Education

Learn about college financial resource options from US Department of Veterans Affairs, FFSC Personal Financial Managers and more!

  • Wednesday, October 12 | 0800-1600 | NBSD (IP)


Home Buying Workshop

Buying a house is the most significant purchase many people will ever make. This course is designed to increase the knowledge and comfort level of first-time home buyers and serve as a refresher for repeat home buyers.

  • Friday, October 14 | 1300-1500 | KMB (IP)
  • Friday, November 4| 1300-1500 | KMB (IP)
  • Friday, December 2 | 1300-1500 | KMB (IP)

Master Your Credit and Defeat Your Debt

Credit card debt can drag you down and affect your credit score. Learn the true cost of your credit card and how to pay it off successfully.

  • Tuesday, October 25 | 1000-1100 | NBC (IP)


Million Dollar Sailor/Spouse Workshop

Who wants to be a millionaire? Take aim with this two-day workshop designed to help Service members and their families save a million dollars over their lifetime. Proven strategies address topics such as banking and financial services, military pay, planning for your retirement, home buying, savvy consumerism, car buying, insurance and Thrift Savings Plan.

  • Wednesday - Thursday, October 26-27| 0800-1600 | NBSD (IP)

More Money, More Options

Get control of your financial affairs, develop financial goals, and develop a budget that can put you on the path to wealth!

  • Thursday, October 13| 1400-1530 | NBC (IP)
  • ​Thursday, December 1 | 1000-1130 | NBSD (IP)


Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

Provides basic information on the key provisions of the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). This information will assist service members and their spouses in making informed decisions about SBP's role in their retirement plan.

  • Wednesday, October 19 | 1000-1100 | NBPL (IP)


Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)/Blended Retirement System (BRS)

Get the latest detailed information on the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and how TSP can contribute to financial retirement security. In 2018, the Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System (BRS) will be implemented, with extensive changes that will affect current and future Sailors. This official Department of Defense training will provide you with critical information to help you understand: who is affected by BRS; what is changing from the current high-3 system; why it is called blended retirement; important dates and deadlines; and the role of the Thrift Savings Plan in BRS. Most importantly, learn what steps you need to take to make the best decision for your retirement.

  • Wednesday, October 12 | 1300-1430 | NBPL (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 9 | 1000-1130 | NBSD (IP)

Command Programs

Command Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Point of Contact (POC) Training

This workshop helps command POCs run their program efficiently and ensure that the enrolled EFMP families are equipped with the correct information regarding paperwork, contacts, OPNAVINST 1754.2D requirements, and current resources available to EFMP participants in the San Diego area.

To register please call the Phone Number for your command’s location:

  • For NBSD, call 619-759-1223
  • For NBC, call 619-536-3361
  • For NBPL, call 619-798-1173

Upcoming Classes:

  • Wednesday, October 5 | 0900-1100 | NBC (IP)
  • Wednesday, November 2| 0900-1100 | NBSD (IP)
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 0900-1100 | NBPL (IP)


Family Care Plan Coordinator

Family Care Plans (FCPs) are a critical tool in ensuring personal and family readiness for any type of absence, crisis, or emergency. This workshop is designed to assist with the establishment of a collateral duty billet as Family Care Plan (FCP) Coordinator within the command. The FCP Coordinator manages the command's FCP Program, ensuring eligible Service Members maintain updated FCPs and providing resources as required in OPNAVINST 1740.4E, U.S. Navy Family Care Policy. This course provides lessons learned, resources, program implementation tips, and networking opportunities to FCP Coordinators.

  • Wednesday, October 26 | 1300-1430 | NBPL (IP)
  • Tuesday, November 15 | 1300-1430 | NBC (IP)


Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life (SAIL) Workshop for Suicide Prevention Coordinators

Topics will include: an overview of the SAIL program, safety planning, compassion fatigue, and intro to FFSC's "Resiliency Skills Training".

  • Tuesday, November 15 | 0800-1100 | NBSD (IP)

Leadership Resource Training (LRT)

Are you a lead within your department, division or command and interested in learning more about the resources available to promote Sailor and family resiliency? This class will do just that! It is open to Service Members (E-5 and above), Ombudsmen, Leadership spouses, etc.

  • Thursday, November 17 | 0800-1200 | (V)


Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Initial Training

All Navy commands must appoint and ensure training for an adequate number of Command Financial Specialists (CFSs) to meet OPNAVINST requirements. Invaluable training ensures CFSs have the latest tools to serve as effective financial specialists for their respective commands. Pre-registration is required.

Call 866-923-6478 to register.

  • Monday-Friday, October 3-7 | 0730-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Monday-Friday, November 14-18 | 0730-1600 | NBSD (IP)
  • Tuesday-Thursday, December 6-8 | 0900-1300 | (V) Register on
  • Tuesday-Friday, December 13-16 | 0900-1300 | (V) Register on


Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Refresher Training

Appointed CFSs must attend refresher training every three (3) years after initial training to maintain designation. The refresher training helps to ensure all CFSs have the knowledge base and skill set to continue to function as an effective CFSs through: discussions on the financial planning worksheet, latest financial trends, schemes, potential pitfalls, and other relevant topics. Command triads and other leaders are also highly encouraged to attend.

  • Tuesday, November 8 | 0800-1600| NBSD (IP)


Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Continuing Education

As specified in OPNAVINST 1740.5, this quarterly training is provided to discuss personal financial issues and provide additional training to meet the four elements of the PFM program (education, counseling, consumer advocacy, and information & referrals). The CFS will be notified of specific topics to be covered. This training is open to all CFSs, senior enlisted advisors, and command career counselors. There will be two sessions held each quarter; personnel only need to attend one of the two.

  • Thursday, October 20 | 1300-1430 | (V) Register on


Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

This class is required for every Service member separating from the military and is designed to help Service members prepare for the transition to civilian life. Registration for transition classes will be done through your Command Career Counselor. Career Counselors can contact the TAP Coordinator, Ms. Laurie Lyford at, to get their Service members registered for classes.


Command Sponsor Coordinator Training

All commands must appoint a Sponsor Coordinator to oversee the support provided to incoming and outgoing Sailors. Per OPNAVINST 1740.3E, Sponsor Coordinators should receive initial training from FFSC to learn more about the program, policy requirements and resources for Sailors and families facing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Sponsor Coordinators are encouraged to contact FFSC for Welcome Aboard Packet information and to schedule Command Sponsor Training.

  • Tuesday, October 4 | 0900-1030 | NBC (IP)
  • Tuesday, October 11 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Friday, October 14 | 0900-1030 | (V)
  • Tuesday, November 1 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Monday, November 7 | 0900-1030 | (V)
  • Tuesday, November 29 | 0900-1030 | NBC (IP)
  • Tuesday, December 6 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
  • Thursday, December 8 | 0900-1030 | (V)
  • Monday, December 12 | 0900-1030 | NBC (IP)


Command Sponsor Training

This class is designed to help you be an effective Command Sponsor. We will review the roles and responsibilities of the Sponsor and discuss each stage of the program. We will also provide you with resources and area-specific information to assist you with your incoming personnel.

Tuesday, October 18 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
Thursday, October 20 | 0900-1030 | (V)
Tuesday, November 15 | 0900-1030 | GVB (IP)
Tuesday, November 22 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
Wednesday, November 23| 0900-1030 | (V)
Tuesday, December 13 | 0900-1030 | NBSD (IP)
Wednesday, December 14| 0900-1030 | (V)
Monday, December 19 | 0900-1030 | VSM (IP)

FFSC Branch Locations

Naval Base San Diego (NBSD)
Buildings 259, 263 & 271
3005 Corbina Alley, Suite 1
San Diego, CA 92136-5190

Naval Base Coronado (NBC)
Building 318, Saufley Road
San Diego, CA 92135-7138

Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL)
Buildings 211 & 212
140 Sylvester Road
San Diego, CA 92106-3521

Bayview Hills Branch (BVH)
1967 Sky Harbor Road
San Diego, CA 92139

Gateway Village Branch (GVB)
3207 Rosecrans Place
San Diego, CA 92110

Kearny Mesa Branch (KMB)
3950 Calle Fortunada
San Diego, CA 92123

Village at Serra Mesa Branch (VSM)
3141 Afton Road
San Diego, CA 92123


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